Indira Skoric Immigration Hub, Department of History, Philosophy and Political Science

Immigration Hub is designed as an online community that contains a series of ongoing moderated forums/discussions each centered on one topic and group of immigrants, and non-immigrant students. A new forum will be launched every month, to stay active indefinitely. In addition, a virtual gallery will contain art, music, and film submissions to serve as a complement to the forums. Ongoing immigration debates resonate deeply with Kingsborough’s student body, which represents over 140 nationalities. The goal in working with our students and immigrant organizations is to help bridge the divide between immigrant and non-immigrant, to break down barriers and pre-conceived notions of various groups while building new alliances in the KBCC community in addition to helping students understand the history of most recent immigrants in American society. Sharing experiences and stories helps to promote common goals and understanding. Students can study the many successful partnerships among immigrants, community organizations and non-immigrant groups in Brooklyn and New York City (including the Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Affairs).

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