Jason Leggett Law, Society, and Justice: Mapping Our Socio-legal Communities, Department of History, Philosophy and Political Science 

This American Legal System course investigates whether the denial of, or unequal access to, socio-legal services undermine the rule of law. The course examines the meaning of community, difference, and democratic thinking and how that relates to legal definitions of sovereignty and “rights.” As co-investigators, students explore their own communities to determine whether the basic elements of a sustainable, “just” society are present and consider how law relates to society and culture in “real life.” We seek to better understand how we can be active and engaged citizens by applying critical analysis to the way the law operates opposed to its ideal, through the case studies of American Indians and undocumented immigrants. Through this inquiry we hope to identify meaningful reforms, supported by evidence from our communities that support the principles of accountability and civic participation to build stronger communities.

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